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Karnatak University
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Karnatak University
Pavate Nagar
Dharwad - 580 003
Karntaka, India
Phone: + 91 - 080 - 2225 9183
Website: www.kud.ernet.in
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Profile :
Established initially at Mumbai in 1949, the location was shifted to Dharwad in October, 1949 and Karnatak University had its official inauguration in March 1950. Covering a vast expanse of 750 acres on the hill named 'Chota Mahabaleshwar' one of seven hillocks on which Dharwad is beautifully perched inviting comparison with Rome, the University has its own ambience with a sylvan setting of undulating greenery. Though spacious initially the campus now looks small with 48 Departments that have come up during the half century or so of its historic existence. The University in its formative years had the leadership of Dr. D.C. Pavate as the Vice-Chancellor (1954-1967 ) who gave it a shape all its own with symmetry that merges with the environ that spells harmony. The rocky edifice built in magnificent style is a tribute to his genius as the architect with a matching academic input. the faculty, to earn the campus the name, Pavate Nagar for posterity. The galaxy of Vice-Chancellor that lent their shoulders to the wheel of progress, the dons and the deans brightening the academic horizons and the illustrious band of the students spanning out for and wide holding coveted positions have all given it in aura of eminence that now the University to day is rated as one of the handful Universities in the Country with a potential for Excellence, as identified by NAAC by giving a five star status which only a handful of Universities have been able to achieve. UGC recently has granted an outlay of rupees 25 crores. The newly created Departments like Genetics, Microbiology, Reproductive Health Management bid fair to do well besides the established departments of yore with a track record of Academic Excellence.
The Karnatak University has Postgraduate Centers at Belgaum on a sprawling campus with 178 acres, Postgraduate Centre at Torvi, Bijapur on 200 acres with another Postgraduate Centre at Karwar 6 acres, catering to fisheries, needless to mention P.G. Programmes in leading colleges at Dandeli, Bagalkot, Gadag, Haveri, Bijapur, Dharwad, Hubli, Ilkal, Jamkhandi and Belgaum. The second oldest in the state, Karnatak University with 48 P.G. Departments, 5 P.G. Centers, 5 Constituent College : 256 Affiliating Colleges with 264 P.G. teachers, 4252 UG teachers, 4531 PG students and 1,01,142 UG students in a community of academics, all drawn in the adventure of learning from the seven districts of Northern Karnataka. In the nearly 1000 km stretch between the erstwhile Bombay and Bangalore, Karnatak University, Dharwad with its tower and the clock with radium hands and figure, as time ticks by, radiate the light of learning beckoning alumni all around.
"University stands for humanism, tolerance, reason, adventure of ideas and search for the truth."
Established: 1949
Location: Dharwad, Karnataka, India
Website: www.kud.ernet.in
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